synthetikshe (lunah) wrote,

question of birth

nothing has changed much this week..things have happened but nothing has changed.
it's like when i used to work at the coffee place...i walk in, work a eight hour shift, and when i leave things look the same as they did when i came in. i hated that. i like to see progress, or product when i work/live through a certain amount of time. it puts worth on the time i just moved through.

i've been sick, so granted not very productive. i could spare myself a kick in the ass about lack of production for the time being.

my mother left earlier week and left a simple but direct fuck you letter.
then realize she can't make it on her own and came back the next day.
spending about $50 on my credit and not even saying thank you or sorry or i'll pay you back. nothing.

things have happened. nothing has changed.

it just dawned on my how close VNV is now... something to get excited about.
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