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lunah's Journal

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14 May
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*if they could take me out of my body and use me as a puppet - they

*speak to me in something that understands my body language*

*live through this with me - i swear that i will die for you*
*love hangs herself with the bedsheets in her cell*
abrasions, abstraction, adornment, aphasia, aria, arterial sticks, ashes, ataxia, autonomy, ballet, bjrk, bruises, buzzing noises, candles, christoph, circuitry, clutter, coiling hearts, compassion, complete|blood|count, conduction, consciousness, das ich, daydreams, decay, decoded feedback, decubitation, degeneration, deglutition, delicacy, demigods, depolarization, desecration, detection, detox, din_fiv, dis-eased, disconnecting, divinity, dragonflies, earth signs, elegant|measure, emotional painkillers, endless grey, evasivness, exile, exits, exposure, faeries, floating, fragile surfaces, gardens, gary numan, gaz, geara, germans, gir, glass, gravity, gutter glitter, h r giger, hampsters, honey, hooverphonic, inferiority complexes, ink, innocence tainted, internal respiration, invader zim, jaqui, joan of arc, letters, liquid eyeliner, lock shock and barrel, loss, lost childhood, lust, maddy tora, magik, menace, metoprolol, misadventures, music boxes, musik, narcotics, neurons, neurotisism, nightdreams, nightmare before christmas, nightscapes, non-waterproof cheap chunky mascara, oboe, oscar wilde, paint, paranoia, passion, permanence, personification, poetry, porcelain dolls, precious stones, propoxyphene, rain, reasons to be beautiful, redox, redwine, reflective gestures, riverias, saliva, salvador dali, scarves, scattered art, seduction, shadows, shock, sickness, silence, silk, silver, skinny puppy, soft, somatic division, static, sudden moves, sushi, sutures, temporary fixations, temptation, terminal, the zodiac, thorns, tim burton, tool, tori amos, trascendence, venipuncture, venus, verse, visual culture, vnv nation, vulgarity, w.b. yeats, water, waterfalls, wings, words, wreath of barbs, wumpscut, {1 a.m.}

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